No we are not. However the content we are using is curated by expert coaches, and partly vetted by leading global government health regulatory bodies. It is proven to deliver great results in real life scientific studies. We are also working with various doctors and experts in the areas of nutrition, stress management, yoga and exercise to further make this content useful.

No we don't and never will. We can remind you and check if you have taken your medicines.

Congratulations. You are definitely in a very small group. But we would like to tell you that in surveys it has been consistently found that people overestimate their health score and grossly overestimate their adherence to the medicine and diagnostic recommendations. If you think you manage well this will help you manage better. If you think you manage best then we could use your example to inspire others. So either way you can use the product and benefit yourself and other users.

All patients at any stage of disease will benefit from using our apps and services. The content, exercises, diet etc. recommended is personalized to your exact stage of disease which we need you to enter. E.g. If you enter that you are a 45 year old who had diabetes three years back then your program will be different as compared to somebody who is 55 year old and had a heart attack three months back. However if you have any doubts please reach out to us or to your doctor before starting on any of the programs.

Not at all. If you can use simple apps like Whatsapp or Youtube then you are good to go. We will also provide you any help and support you need if you are stuck through a phone chat.

No. Any smart phone with a data connection is good enough.

No problem. We will make it simple.

All of our apps provide you with expert information through text and beautiful video, management plans and exercise programs, enabling you to manage and improve your health. These plans and programs are personalized to your condition and diagnosis. They are vetted and approved through stringent research studies by global bodies. They are created by expert health coaches. You can also ask our experts queries and have video calls with them where they will provide you guidance and advice.

We will show you a preview very soon

Absolutely not. We strongly advise you to please continue all the recommendations, medicines etc. which your doctor has given you.

If you want to take your doctor’s permission or inform him before starting use we would urge you to do so. However you can use these apps and services without their prior permission as well. If you have any doubts do get in touch with us. Your doctor does not need to refer you to these apps and services or recommend them to you.

Watch this space or better still send us an email at and we will keep you informed.

Our mission is to take these apps and services to the maximum number of people possible. While there is a cost to providing these please be assured that we will never allow your affordability to come in the way of your health. We are working with various partners like health insurers, life insurers, hospitals and medicine companies to see how these can be delivered to you at no or low cost.