F Team

Vidyesh Khanolkar

Founding Partner


Focuses on supplier and distribution partner eco system and spends time in product design. After studying computers and management Vidyesh spent time across the globe in IT leadership roles. He spent many years transforming insurance and health insurance companies where he observed the workings of the healthcare ecosystems in advanced countries from the inside. Driven by a passion to bring these best in class delivery systems to India he founded OOHHMM.


Kishor Aher



Focuses on Consumer Insights. Content and Marketing. An accidental Engineer and Management Graduate from IIMA. Kishor has experience of Consumer Facing and retail industries. He brings in Out of Box thinking and also does some hardwork at times. He is passionate to bring change and leave a mark.


Gopal Pradhan

Founding Partner


Focuses on technology, operations and customer satisfaction. After studying architecture Gopal architected many large scale software systems and fortunately no buildings. He has been a serial entrepreneur and was a part of the founding team of two Technology companies developing innovative IT products operating at core stack levels and scaling these products to handle crores of users. He drives the customer viewpoint harder than most customers would in everything that we do.