• Taking charge of your life and lifestyle and changing it is not easy. There will be some ups and downs.
  • If you do not have people to encourage you or to feel reassured that you are not the only one struggling then you will get frustrated and give up. Most of us do that.
  • Doing lifestyle change on a daily basis is boring and will remain that way if we do not put fun into it

The Problem

Resistance to change or starting something new, fear of failing, not finding the time, getting bored all these and more come in the way of our determination to take charge of life and lifestyle.

Only 0.5 crore Indians take part in organized lifestyle change activities.

Rest just do bits and pieces when they can

We have a solution

We are creating a comprehensive 360 degree platform for individuals which covers all aspects of lifestyle. The platform will deliver an individualised self-management tool with support from family members, carers and specialized Diet, Yoga and Exercise experts built into it. It will build and energize and keep active communities of new friends and groups to make good lifestyle fun. Contests, challenges, leaderboards, physical meetings, group classes everything will be coming soon.

If you think you can play a role in conceptualizing and delivering this platform or would just want to know more please write to us at