• All of us want to improve our lifestyle
  • Many of us try a few things and give up too soon as we expect too much or get confused and don’t know which advice is correct
  • Most of us don’t have options that are simple, authentic, with all round coverage, cheap or free, fit into our schedules and life and mindset and deliver steady small results

The Problem

Most people are in a complacency or sporadic activity zone about lifestyle improvement. They have mental barriers - Too Expensive, Confusing advice, Very Difficult, Don’t have the time, I don’t need it, Boring - and most of these reasons are true when you see the options in front of them.

India has more than 35 crore middle aged people in need of lifestyle change

That is more than the population of the USA

We have a solution

We are creating a comprehensive 360 degree platform for individuals which covers all aspects of lifestyle. The platform will deliver an individualised self-management tool with support from family members, carers and specialized Diet, Yoga and Exercise experts built into it. It will capture a few key data points and use advanced analytics and gamification to nudge you to a better lifestyle. It will build communities of new friends and groups to make good lifestyle fun.

If you think you can play a role in conceptualizing and delivering this platform or would just want to know more please write to us at