• Most of us who start a new lifestyle activity do not have a goal. We never start a car or bus journey like that but a completely new lifestyle journey, we always start with no goal or a wrong goal. We never regularly measure our progress and make changes in our lifestyle.
  • We set goals high, don't have the right tools, don’t measure and then get frustrated and give up.

The Problem

Personalized Advice on measuring our current health and giving us smart achievable and measurable goals is expensive. Free advice on Youtube or from friends and family is confusing and most often wrong. In the absence of the correct goals, the correct tools to measure progress and the correct advice to make changes we stumble and give up the journey.

Personal advice to create goals, measure progress and make changes in lifestyle costs thousands of Rs. per year and demands a lot of time and commitment. Very few of us can give that. The rest just give up and get back to their poor lifestyles.

We have a solution

We are creating a comprehensive 360 degree platform for individuals which covers all aspects of lifestyle. The platform will deliver an individualised self-management tool with support from family members, carers and specialized Diet, Yoga and Exercise experts built into it. It will ask you for minimum information and construct risk scores and smart goals for you using globally validated methods. It will then give exercise, diet and yoga programs for your goals and also give you small tips to keep experimenting so that the variety of advice keeps it fresh.

If you think you can play a role in conceptualizing and delivering this platform or would just want to know more please write to us at